In order to accomplish our mission, Bob Fagan and Associates offers clients the following services:

Strategic Planning: Our faculty will work closely with your leaders and mangers to develop an organization-specific strategic plan, including environmental scanning information and stakeholder surveys, and the identification of clear manageable goals and task responsibilities.  The process you will learn can be implemented by your organization in future years. 

Individual Coaching and Mentoring: Bob Fagan and Associates offers your organization the benefits of years of experience in providing counseling and mentoring services to both private and public sector organizations. Whether it is meeting one on one with top executives to consider issues relating to organizational governance, discussing employee hiring, retention, and performance-related issues, or, meeting with and developing an Action Plan to improve individual employee performance, we are prepared to provide the assistance you need to proceed in a positive forward looking direction.

Live PresentationsDelivered as part of a planned on-site workshop or off-site organization retreat, sessions covering a full range of management, supervisory, and team-oriented subjects are offered. Following consultation with management and staff, these sessions can be tailored to your organization’s goals. 

Take a look at what we offer.  

​Courageously Leading and Following With Your Strengths

It All Comes Down to Communication

Successful SUCCESSion Planning:  Taking a Strategic Approach

The Art of Civility

Strategic Planning:  A Look at the Present With an Eye to the Future

The Art of Building Bridges:  How Well Built Bridges Can Ensure Healthy Organizations

Vital Friends:  Moving from Collaboration to Empowerment

Being the Best You Can Be:  And Knowing How To Get There!

Emotional Intelligence:  A Tool for Moving Forward

Your Time at the Helm:  Charting the Course of Performance Planning

​Open Space:  You Set the Agenda to Get and Share Information

​Executive Team Development

And here are some special sessions using historical examples to teach us more about effective leadership and management:

The America's Cup:  Building Teamwork and Trust

George Washington:  Lessons in Leadership

Abraham Lincoln:  Translating Principles into Action

​Lessons from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood:  Creating a Better Organizational Neighborhood

From James T. Kirk to Jean Luc Picard:  A Study of Star Trek Leadership Styles

​Blazing a New Trail:  Leadership Lessons from Lewis and Clark and the Westward Emigration

​Apollo 13:  Effectively Dealing with Crises

It's More than Rock 'n' Roll:  Collaborate, Communicate, Create!

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how any of these sessions can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Conference Development and Coordination:  We know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to develop and coordinate activities necessary to ensure a successful conference or retreat. It requires a strategic planning approach. With our combined experience in planning more than 250 conferences, let us help you coordinate the agenda and logistics. 

Our conference development and coordination services include the following:

♦    Face to Face and Teleconference Meetings to Plan Workshop/Retreat Theme

♦    Development of a Conference Planning Timeline

♦    Agenda Development and Speaker Recommendations

♦    Workshop/Retreat Site Selection and Liaison Activities

♦    Meeting Rooms Set-Up and Audio Visual Requirements

♦    Development of Participant Survey Materials

♦    Coordination and Distribution of Workshop/Retreat Reading Materials and Handouts

♦    On-Site Coordination and Facilitation

♦    Development of Evaluation Materials

Our Associates will work closely with your Board, leadership and management team, and/or planning committee, to ensure that all services are carried out with precision.

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